Address: 2300 Valley View ln. Suite 750 Irving, TX 75062

Please note that we are unable to give campus tours or meet with visitors unless you have scheduled an appointment.

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Please note the following, as they will answer most questions submitted:

  1. Br. Nouman’s schedule is currently full. He is taking very limited speaker engagements.
  2. Br. Nouman has decided not to participate in any fundraiser event in any capacity.
  3. Br. Nouman will not accept requests for video, audio or written endorsements of Islamic projects, institutions or programs.Message from Br. Nouman:“Even though I would love to engage, I simply don’t have time to look deeply into all the projects, their history & their contributions. I don’t feel comfortable endorsing anything without thoroughly knowing each and every aspect of it. Regardless, I appreciate all the different inspiring efforts taking place through out the world and pray for their success.”
  4. Tuition Policy for Weekend Courses: Our policy at Bayyinah has always been to never turn away students from knowledge, and we will continue that policy with the encouragement of the communities, who continue to support us, and happily support their own students. If you don’t have the financial means to attend a Bayyinah class, do not shy away and please attend the class anyway. Notify registration, and inshAllah the tuition will be covered.
  5. We are unable to take any kind of fatwa or counseling questions, please refer them to your local Imam or a Fatwa service.
  6. For detailed information about the Dream program, FAQ and admissions please visit

Thank you for your understanding

PLEASE EMAIL: [email protected]