Live, Online Arabic Courses

Bismillah! Are you ready to start your Quran'ic Arabic journey from the comfort of your own home? Looking for a professional, part-time studies program with proven results? Then Access 1 is right for you!

Access 1 covers the fundamentals of Quran'ic Arabic grammar and sarf (word morphology). Go beyond the translation as you learn how understanding sentence structure, word order, and word choice reveals the deeper meanings of the surahs we read every day.

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Live, Online Arabic Courses

Maashaa Allah! You've completed the Access 1 course and are excited to take the next step in your Arabic journey. During Access 1 you learned how nuances of the Arabic language affect translations of the Quran, and even mastered some tools to begin delving into those nuances.

In Access 2 you'll cover advanced grammar and sarf, as well as completed a guided translation of passages from the Quran without the use of a translation.

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Live, Online Arabic Courses

Alhamdullilah! You've completed Access 2 and have begun to study the Quran at a deeper level through your understanding of Arabic grammar, sarf, and rhetoric. You've practiced translating Quran on your own and are ready to start researching the Quran.

What have our past scholars said in regards to your favorite ayah or surah? In Access 3 you will be introduced to the tools to read and understand classical Arabic texts without harakaat, such as tafsir, on your own.

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